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    BOY nominated for the Outer Critic's Circle John Gassner Award for a new American play!

    PHOTOGRAPH 51 takes home the 2016 WhatsOnStage Award for Best New Play!

    PHOTOGRAPH 51 included in The Telegraph's and The Washington Post's Best-of-2015 lists. Also nominated for a WhatsOnStage Award for Best New Play of 2015-16.

    Nicole Kidman won the 2015 Evening Standard award for Best Actress for PHOTOGRAPH 51.

    PHOTOGRAPH 51 ran on London's West End at the Noel Coward Theatre from September 5 - November 21, 2015. Michael Grandage directed and Nicole Kidman starred, along with Stephen Campbell Moore, Josh Silver, Ed Bennett, Will Attenborough and Patrick Kennedy.

    THE LAST MATCH will premiere at The Old Globe February 13-March 13, 2016; Gaye Taylor Upchurch directs. Read the announcement in Variety.

    THE LAST MATCH will also play City Theatre in the coming season; BOY will be co-produced by Keen Company and Ensemble Studio Theatre, and ANOTHER WAY HOME will run at Theater J.

    A DELICATE SHIP, termed "a home run" by Cincinnati's CityBeat, ran at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park March 22-April 20, 2014. It later ran at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre (Playwrights Realm) in August-September, 2015. Charles Isherwood called it a "lovely drama."

    ANOTHER WAY HOME, produced at the Magic Theatre in October-November 2012, was the recipient of a 2012 Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award.

    PHOTOGRAPH 51 played Seattle Rep as part of its 50th Anniversary Season! It sold out and extended. Click here for a video excerpt/promo. And here for a taste of what audience members felt about the play.

    THE MINOTAUR ran in Washington DC from January 18-February 17, 2013 at Rorschach Theatre in a joint world premiere with Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta (where it ran in Oct-Nov 2012).

    PHOTOGRAPH 51 named one of the Top Ten shows of 2011 by The Washington Post and has been recently published.

    Anna has been awarded a Manhattan Theatre Club / Sloan commission to write a new play about the ethics of gender reassignment. Read the announcement.

    Anna’s play AN INCIDENT (now titled ANOTHER WAY HOME) was selected for inclusion in summer 2011’s O’Neill Playwrights’ Conference.

Recent Reviews

"A deft, luminous play. The Last Match swells with intensity and poetic undertones as it courses through 90 minutes with increasing velocity, asking big questions about the human condition." -- Stage and Cinema

“Anna Ziegler’s captivating new play Boy….is already a chief contender for the most insightful, gut-wrenching, and beautiful play of 2016…Expect it to be a long while before there’s another play more rewarding, more moving, and more magical than Boy.” -- Talkin Broadway (Matthew Murray)

“A Great Play….Boy has both the white hot issue of gender identity and the simple fact that it's very, very good in its favor. They'll be performing it for years to come…Ziegler’s intelligent script lays out this complex story with precision and grace”. -- Huffington Post (Michael Giltz)

“With uncommon empathy and startling insight, Boy gets to the conflict between medicine and science….” -- Theatermania

"[The Last Match] is a win-win...Clever and effective...with all the insight of the best Sports Illustrated articles." -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Anna Ziegler’s Boy is a smart, fresh transgender-play twist...In literary annals, there are myriad confrontations between fathers and sons, but it's likely there are none like this one, certainly not any more beautifully realized...Steggert [gives] a thoroughly remarkable performance up there with the best of the 2015-2016 season... (Something of this caliber [emerges] every so often. The last two appeared in Hand to God and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.) -- Huffington Post (David Finkle)

"Were the play simply to assert that Franklin was robbed of the prestige that was rightly hers – Watson and Crick were credited as co-discoverers, and she died in 1958, four years before the pair (and Wilkins too) received the Nobel Prize – it would serve a valid but rather worthy purpose. It’s much more fascinating than that, though. It deals with timely feminist issues but also the key fundamentals of how we relate to each other, who we are, our tragic flaws...A triumph." -- The Telegraph

"New York Times Critic's Pick! [A Delicate Ship is] a lovely drama by the newly (and justly) hot playwright, Anna Ziegler...[Her] dialogue bristles with smart, eloquent talk...Ms. Ziegler’s quietly lyrical language has a luminous beauty, and her talent for creating characters whose complicated depths are just visible on their surfaces is still more remarkable." -- NY Times (Isherwood)

"Ms. Kidman has seldom been better cast than as this intimidating figure [in Ziegler's Photograph 51]...pretty close to perfection." -- NY Times (Brantley)

"TimeOut Critic's Pick! Ziegler (who makes origami of time)...digs beneath the laughs, of which there are plenty, to plumb the pain that lurks below." -- TimeOut

"A Delicate Ship is a gorgeously sweet and sad three character drama" -- Theatermania

"For Mad Cow Theatre, director Denise Gillman brilliantly captures the humor in Ziegler's [Photograph 51], as well as the nuances — the idea of fate, of missed opportunity, of the unforeseen consequences of our actions — all the while building tension as the scientists race toward that eureka moment. Even if you paid attention in high school and know the outcome, this real-life tale enthralls." -- Orlando Sentinel

“The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park hit a home run with its world premiere of Anna Ziegler’s A Delicate Ship…Her script is artfully written…The [love] triangle shifts and shimmers, and you never quite know where it’s headed. The outcome is a surprise, yet perfectly obvious if you’ve paid attention...I predict that A Delicate Ship will in time find its way to many other theaters. Bravo to the Playhouse for bringing yet another excellent new play and writer to Cincinnati audiences — first.” -- Rick Pender, CityBeat

“[A Delicate Ship] is rewarding…Intellectually invigorating…Truly a play of the modern age.” -- Cincinnati Enquirer

"[A Delicate Ship] is a thought-provoking drama that is humorous at times, sad, and driven to the edge and back with pure emotion."
-- Examiner

“An illuminating kind of theatrical X-ray… In Ziegler’s taut yet graceful script, a fine choice by [Seattle] Rep, Franklin’s passion for science also shines through, as does the agility of her inquiring mind…'Photograph 51' neatly coils a scientific detective story around a rumination on how sexism, personality and morality can impact collaboration and creativity…It honors Franklin by painting her as a complete person, with flaws and sterling attributes, and by evoking the thrills and risks of scientific pursuit itself.” -- The Seattle Times

"[Photograph 51] masterfully opens up the events leading up to the discovery of the structure of DNA—a fascinating and important story that explores the risk of giving up everything for career, and the complicated process of opening the heart." -- CityArts (Seattle)

"[The Minotaur] is a terrific, complex world premiere play...Absorbing and inventive work." -- The Washingtonian

"[The Minotaur] comes at you with an intelligent mix of classicism and whimsy." -- The Washington Post

“The Minotaur achieves the rare trifecta of being touching, intelligent, and enjoyable. Anna Ziegler’s play deserves to be seen” -- DC Theatre Scene

“This riveting new work is simply impressive beyond compare” -- DC Metro Theatre Arts

"[Ziegler] captures this family, its beauty and its torment so delicately that the well-worn themes of midlife crisis and adolescent angst feel hauntingly true…[Another Way Home] is an insightful memory play that wins us over with its freshness and wit, only to reveal unexpected depths...Astute." -- San Jose Mercury News/Bay Area News Group

"Critic's Pick! What playwright Anna Ziegler has achieved in her intriguing portrait of the British scientist Rosalind Franklin is a remarkable balance of scientific subject matter and theatrical storytelling…in a play that glows with intelligence and humanity…Compelling theater!" -- Backstage

"Among the many virtues of Anna Ziegler's...satisfying "Photograph 51" is the refusal to soften the woman at its center, the British scientist Rosalind Franklin, by making her anything other than formidably, even self-sabotagingly, intelligent...[The play] offers multiple insights into the sad and honorable secrets of one particular life." -- The New York Times

"Bracingly intelligent" -- The Boston Globe

"A powerful new play...Ziegler has produced a witty and poignant account of the controversy surrounding DNA's discovery." -- Nature

“Editor’s Pick!…[A] smartly crafted history play…The reflections that gradually color [Photograph 51] deal with the eternal human mystery of why people act as they do — the very stuff of drama, of course.” -- The Washington Post

“An electric journey of suspense…Compelling drama [with an] emotional wallop. Who knew biophysics could have you on the edge of your seat?” -- The Minneapolis Star Tribune

"A real discovery...A taut, terrific play...As in the best of historical fiction, it turns figures of the past into complex, multidimensional characters and shows how much the course of events was shaped by their intersecting personalities...Watson's book about this discovery has been hailed as one of the 20th century's great works of nonfiction, demonstrating that really good writing can make a seemingly dry subject gripping. Ziegler has done the same with "Photograph 51," and this production shows what beauty can be found when outstanding writing and acting intertwine like strands of DNA." -- The Pioneer Press