Anna Ziegler

A Delicate Ship

A DELICATE SHIP at The Playwrights Realm
Photo by Jenny Anderson
A DELICATE SHIP at The Playwrights Realm
Photo by Jenny Anderson
A DELICATE SHIP at The Playwrights Realm
Photo by Jenny Anderson
A DELICATE SHIP at Cincinnati Playhouse
Photo by Sandy Underwood
"A lovely drama by the newly (and justly) hot playwright, Anna Ziegler...[Her] dialogue bristles with smart, eloquent talk..." (Critic's Pick)

— New York Times (Charles Isherwood)

plot synopsis

It’s Christmas Eve, and Sarah and Sam are celebrating like New Yorkers: flirting over wine and debating the nature of existential suffering. Then there is knock on the door, and Sarah’s childhood friend Nate stands at the threshold. And suddenly suffering becomes a whole lot less sexy. A kaleidoscopic look at one night in New York City that changes the lives of three people forever.

select productions

— Filigree Theatre, Austin (2018) and Road Theatre, Los Angeles (2018)
— Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, 2014 (Directed by Michael Haney)
— The Playwrights Realm, NYC, 2015 (Directed by Margot Bordelon)

more press

“Critic’s Pick! Anna Ziegler peels away the layers of her characters to their pulsing human core in this practically perfect memory play…[that] demonstrates beyond any doubt that [she] can write with masterful emotional veracity…Vaulting back and forth in time, Ziegler’s play is both elegy and cautionary tale, imbued with poignant loss and keen regret.” — Los Angeles Times

“A Delicate Ship is a gorgeously sweet and sad three character drama.” — Theatermania

“Ziegler (who makes origami of time)…digs beneath the laughs, of which there are plenty, to plumb the pain that lurks below.” – TimeOut New York

“The timing could not be more propitious for A Delicate Ship to arrive in L.A., once again demonstrating the New York playwright’s talent for smart, lyrical dialog spoken by complex, deeply human characters facing situations likely to strike audience chords…A Delicate Ship grabbed me straight away and never let go. It moved me, it touched me, it broke my heart. What more can a reviewer wish for?” — StageSceneLA

“Ms. Ziegler manipulates [time] with absolute mastery.” — Jose Solis’ Favorite Theatre of 2015, Stagebuddy

“A Delicate Ship is a darkly funny tragedy about contemporary relationships, and about how we are all the culmination of our own parents’ love stories. The Filigree Theatre’s production of this moody, moving work is a subtle, emotional exploration of the complicated nature of modern love and adulthood, and it’s well worth seeing.” — Austin360/Austin American Statesman

“[A Delicate Ship] is rewarding…Intellectually invigorating…Truly a play of the modern age.” — Cincinnati Enquirer